Certified/Licensed Tour Operator/Guide.

Emile Serrette, one of the very few Certified and Licensed Tour Operator in T&T, specializing in the “Adventure” aspect of tour guiding. Emile has been hiking actively for the past 16 years and is the sole owner of “Nature Trekking in Trinidad and Tobago Limited”.



I am the pioneer of incorporating the historical aspects of all villages visited for all hikes to you. I also share knowledge of the flora and fauna of our forests and I do ensure that every hiker is well entertained throughout.

Safety in the forest is the hallmark of my success, where nothing is taken for granted whatsoever, although the forest of Trinidad remains very friendly as far as wildlife is concerned. Hiking with me will certainly lead you to many countless little known river pools, waterfalls, gorges, coastal beaches and lovely vistas from our mountaintops. I will always ensure that you are appropriately attired for the type of hike to be done for your own personal well being.

First-aid training and water safety requirements are some of my credentials along with vast experience of the forests and close friendships with the villagers all over to ensure of safety of vehicles and persons as a whole

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Come and Enjoy the true wilderness of Trinidad & Tobago

  • Come and enjoy the true wilderness of Trinidad and Tobago with Emile. Know about the history of the various villages we venture into before heading into the mountains where beautiful natural waterfalls and rivers await your arrival.

  • Visit waterfalls like:

    • Habio, Rio Seco, Chorro, Avocar, Homad, Jakatan, Sombasson, Paria falls

  • Great river courses such as:

    • Marianne, Yarra, North Oropouche, Madamas, Guanapo, Matura Basins;

  • Fantastic unknown coastal beaches known by very few such as:

    • Mal D’Estomac, Negmawah, Peechon, Cyril, Balata, Maraquette, Saint Cion Murphy, Petite and Grande Tacaribe, Forest Point, Mahaut, and many other beaches between Blanchisseuse and Paria Bays.

  • Want to challenge yourself? Let’s take the trek uphill to El Tucuche, Matelot to Blanchisseuse (22 miles), Madamas Valley to Brasso Seco (23 miles), Loango Loop and more challenging trails upon request or suggestions.

Historical Tours

Get on board now and really experience the detailed history of the entire western peninsula from even long before the days of World War II.

  • Get on board now and really experience the detailed history of the entire western peninsula from even long before the days of World War II.

  • Learn about the history of Hart’s Cut and its origination, the 5 Islands: ​

    • Caledonia

    • Pelican

    • Nelson

    • Craig

    • Lenegan and Rock Islands

    • Carrera (prison) Island

    • Kronstadt Island

    • Little Gasparee Island

    • Gasper Grande Island

  • We then sail across the Gulf to Staubles, Tetron and Scotland Bays where the history of those beaches are astounding. Hear in detail about the 4 Bocas, together with Monos, Huevos and Chacachacare Islands and their rich history from really back in the days.

  • At Chacachacare Island, plunge into the beautiful waters of the Gulf.

  • An all-inclusive/semi inclusive historical tour “Down “D” Islands all for your enjoyment.

  • Port of Spain historical tour in great detail that has not been revealed to the local public.

  • Port of Spain (western) tour which is a separate tour but also very rich in history.

  • A walk around the Queens Park Savannah because of the extent of history all around.

  • Central Experience to remember. Visits to the “Floating Temple, Hindu Museum, the 85 foot statue of the Hanuman Murti, La Vega Estate, and Caroni Bird Sanctuary”.

  • Southern Experience to take careful note. Visits to “La Brea Pitch Lake, San Fernando Hill, and the Wild Fowl Trust”.

  • The North-eastern trip to Toco where history of the small villages will be revealed and the fascinating history of Point Galera. Sea bathing at a totally secluded beach (guaranteed).

  • Special: “Northern Circle” that is on offer. Now for you: Journey to Arima and up the Arima/Blanchisseuse Road to Blanchisseuse village and along the coast back to the pickup point. Fantastic history.